KHADI OAXACA’s intension goes far beyond a mere transaction, creating meaningful, sustainable artisan production that supports village life through cottage industry.   Over 300 women and men of Khadi Co-operative receive a fair income twice a month, sustaining their families, communities, and cultures in the village of San Sebastian Rio Hondo.  Through the revival of handcraft tradition they created a thread standard of exceptional quality, that pays a sustainable wage for our times. Khadi values peaceful living within ancient means and returns profits to the village via community development initiatives focused on health, food sovereignty and environmental stewardship.

Certification | The challenge we face is the high costs associated with auditing and the style of infrastructure that is not set up in a way that enables Khadi Oaxaca to ‘tick all the boxes’ in an audit designed for large scale, international factories (mainly due to co-working with local small-scale farmers located in three areas on the coast of Oaxaca).  Khadi Oaxaca are working towards certification – however their current focus as a small-scale co-operative is the preservation of their heritage textile process and to become entirely self-sufficient.  Khadi Oaxaca’s ethical practice is evident in their absolute transparency and dedication.  My last visit to Khadi was in July 2019 – view in Journal link below:

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TALLER ARTE PAPEL VISTA HERMOSA was founded twenty years ago by Francisco Toledo, to provide employment to the local community of San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca, Mexicoand to teach artisan paper making techniques, while utilising natural, renewable ingredients and zero contaminants. Fibres that form each ecologically handmade page are locally grown soft white pochute cotton or brown coyuche cotton, hemp, silk, linen and mica and excess water used in making is returned to their river without toxins. Their workshop is open to visitors, where artisans generously speak of their steps of process from fibre collection, cleaning, pulp making, dyeing, pressing and drying to create each page.  

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