Rebecca currently offers a collection of one-off garments available in a selected boutique in Mexico. 

Bathing Ladies Vessel. Thrown, hand-sculpted and bisque fired.
Clay. 35mm film + glaze research bowl.
Los Amantes / Lovers // detail. Hand appliquéd linen muslin using all offcuts on minimal waste kaftan piece

Oro / Gold

Undyed NZ Merino with metal, knitted and felted.

studio | ORO 〰 in process
Carefully sourced linen appliquéd with upcycled cambodian silk + gold metallic couching, embroidered in hand dyed, naturally dyed silk. .
〰 slow fashion capsule collection detail.

Glaze // research | earth palette + oceanic salt mineral textures. 

| LUNA dress

Multimedia Textile / Adornment Collection: up-cycled + vintage natural fibres appliquéd and couched.

Yo Soy lo Que Veo | Solo Exhibition

Relaxed fit ‘Ink / Oro kimono’ with traditional sleeve, concealed pockets, hand-stitched hem, sash and zero waste pattern cutting. | 100% linen, with fine gold metallic couching details on front and back.

sandlady / mermaiden

Knitted cotton + metal / front + back

Yo Soy lo Que Veo | Solo Exhibition
| “Drawing is a form of thinking and for this reason drawing is the most direct and revealing expression of the intellectual processes of an artist, their intensions, their emotional state.  Often, the preparatory drafts are more expressive than finished works due to their execution.  In the case of Rebecca Bewick, her drawings are her finished works that, on one hand, demonstrate a mastery of traditional techniques.” – Jose Clemente Orozco F. 

A tale of a Taniwha has been passed down by generations. Ngāi Tahu children grew up learning how this legend shaped the natural environment, and why we cherish and protect our resources today. 

Pounamu, Linen covered hand-stitched book with pulled thread embroidery on cover, filled with gifted handmade papers, Illustrated in ink + silk/ linen drawstring bag.

Life / dance drawing | designing shapes + textiles that move with you | Embracing natural ease
Torso. Hand sculpted.

Hand sculpted and thrown Ceramics | Depictions of the human body, intimacy, mythology and connection to the land spoken through figurative sculptures.  Styled compositions are captured through film photography // 35mm.

Oceanic colour and salt mineral textures.  | Knitted textile. NZ merino with cotton and metal waste yarns.

Below left: naturally dyed Indigo + eucalyptus on silk.

Newest Release (coming soon)