Size + Fit


One size fits most: made to move with you and to be adjusted as you feel – fitted or loose on your body as you desire to wear it. Everybody is different, and getting things to fit just right can be a challenge. Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding your size, or if you’d like to discuss adjustment options. I’d be happy to guide you – I want to make sure you have a garment you will love and want to cherish for a long time. Please email to enquire.

MEASURING YOUR BODY:  Feeling comfortable in and enjoying your piece

Take measurements while wearing your underwear / form fitting clothing. Always hold your tape measure close but comfortably against your body, without tilting or leaving slack (standing naturally upright, breathing normally will give most accurate results so grab a helper if you can).

Bust: bring the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust (it should be parallel to the floor, making a straight, horizontal line across your front and back)

Waist: measure smallest part around your torso, near your belly button

Hip: measure around the fullest part of your butt and belly. 

Upper Thigh:  measure the circumference around your thigh, just below your crotch.

Crotch length: start with the tape measure at the waist, bring it down under your crotch, up around the curve of your butt and to your waist. 

Leg length: first measure the distance down the outside of your leg, from the waist to the place you’d like the hem.  Then, measure from the crotch to that same spot. 


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