Connecting mindful wearers with the value of workmanship by the collective artists of each piece of clothing: the farmers, hand spinners, weavers, dyers, machinists, designer, pattern-maker, dyer and embellisher.


Rebecca reveals her process, the traceable materials and the stories of makers, standing accountable for her practices:

The costs involved in making and the social and environmental impact of each art piece is considered and listed online (online store coming soon) and on its label.  Traceable + local materials are sourced with respect for our earth.  Helping us to understand that many skilful hands have touched the piece we buy. 

Respectful fibers

A celebration of Oaxacan artisan handcrafted textiles, traditional knowledge and respect for cultural and indigenous values and heritage.  Strong, transparent partnerships between Khadi Oaxaca and Rebecca have been built on gratitude, mutual respect and friendship. Khadi Oaxaca ensures artisans receive a fair, sustainable wage and nurtures thriving communities.

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The Process

Transcending seasonality: progressive releases of utilitarian and one-off expressive character pieces in capsule collections [releases] and as made-to-order bespoke garments. Rebecca takes the time to develop design for longevity through conscious patternmaking and quality construction: lasting garments are crafted with intension, creating meaningful, long-term relationships between you and the piece you adorn yourself with.

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Working Towards | Progress not perfection:

One artist, working to make a difference in an industry that is truly ready for change. From the outset, Rebecca has seen value in respecting the journey of the clothes we wear as a part of us, and in respecting the lives of those who have crafted them for us. Below are steps Rebecca is working towards, with the help of others, to support the wellbeing of artisans and the Earth.

GAINING CERTIFICATIONS: The challenge we face with gaining certification is the requirements that are designed for large scale, international factories with greater infrastructure – alongside the high costs associated with auditing. At such small scale, Rebecca and the co-operative she partners with are currently working to be self-sustainable while focusing on preserving traditional techniques, respect for the environment and the lives of Mexican artisan makers. While gaining certification (B-Corp and GOTS) is built into our goals, in the meantime we transparently tell our stories as we create. In the future, Rebecca looks towards conducting audits to better understand challenges the co-operatives she partners with face. Rebecca commits to continuing to visit and maintain respectful relationships with members of Khadi Oaxaca, aspiring to meet and learn the name of each artisan and learn of the lives they lead, their passion for craftsmanship, the earth and their heritage stories. 

BUILDING ON CIRCULARITY: currently offering a mending service + participating in building a take-back and clothing recycling programme in Tulum, Mexico in 2021.

PLANT DYEING FABRICS: setting wash-fast, non toxic plant dyes that have been sourced locally while using processes that reduce water wastage.

SHIPPING: Land and sea where possible and working towards making all shipments GOGREEN Climate Neutral with DHL.

Care + Circularity