“In all corners of Mexico, ancient ways endure.  There the link between earth and body is no more abstract than the tie between rain and river and stories are woven into textiles.” *

Mindfully crafted in fluid silhouettes and high quality natural fibres, utilitarian and one-off character, bespoke pieces transcend seasonality for lasting expression.

Founded on full commitment to respectful, artisan production and designed and made in Tulum, Mexico with a holistic consideration for the environment.   

Embracing a passion for sincere craftsmanship using minimum waste pattern making, hand weaving, natural dyeing, constructing and hand finishing.  Each piece is unique and a labour of love.   

A little more about Rebecca – 

A consummate creator of beautiful things, Rebecca crafts in her studio in the jungle in Tulum, Mexico. Her mother tongue is English, Spanish her second language. With a deep appreciation for Mexican culture, its peoples and natural heritage fibres, Rebecca visits the co-operative she sources fabric from, observing their transparent and ethical production of local rain-fed, hand-spun, hand-woven organic cotton first hand.

In her artistic practice Rebecca also consciously sources deadstock** and up-cycled natural silk and family-mill produced linen fabrics, applying her textile designs using batik with plant dyes or embellishing with natural fabrics and metal yarns. Depictions of the human body, intimacy, mythology and connection to the land are spoken through her work. Each textile and sculpture is crafted by hand, each is a unique creative expression. 

Rebecca Bewick graduated with a Bachelor of First-class Honours in Textile Design from Massey University. She has studied ceramic building and firing techniques and has exhibited both solo and collaboratively alongside internationally acclaimed textile designers in galleries in New Zealand and Mexico. Rebecca comes from a background in social justice, working with a New Zealand Fair Trade Social Enterprise, Trade Aid, advocating for sustainable livelihoods for artisans in Asia, Latin America and Africa and for the preservation of traditional artistry. 

Weaving using the back strap loom in the jungle at Mayan Clay Spa Bathhouse, Tulum, Mexico.

True THANK YOU’S to all of the wonderful and kind, creative people I have had the honour to work and collaborate with, for your support is enabling me to build this dream of mine. You bring joy and colour to my life and so many lessons that I am grateful for, muchísimas gracias!! – Rebecca

*1 Quote: “Oaxaca Stories in Cloth: A Book about People, Belonging, Identity, and Adornment” by Eric Mindling, 2016

** Deadstock: end-of-line, mill overruns or designer excess fabrics – making use of beautiful fabric without waste, without contributing to the reproduction of new materials and instead making use of excess.  

Sustainable Practice