I reveal my process, traceable materials and the stories of makers. Connecting mindful wearers with the value of workmanship by the collective artists of each piece of clothing: The organic farmers, hand spinners, weavers, dyers, machinists, designer, pattern-maker, dyer and embellisher.

Values I present to you:

Transparency: costs involved in making and the human and earth impact of each art piece is considered and listed online (coming soon) and on its label.  Traceable + local materials are sourced with respect for our earth.  Being held accountable for my practices. 

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A contribution toward the survival of Oaxacan artisan handcrafted textiles, traditional knowledge and respect for cultural and indigenous values and heritage.  Strong, transparent partnerships built on gratitude, mutual respect and friendship with a holistic co-operative, that ensures artisans receive a fair, sustainable wage and nurture thriving communities. I want to help you to understand how many skilful hands have touched the piece you buy. 

The Process |  Respectful Fibres + Plant Dyes

Taking the time to develop design for longevity, conscious patternmaking and quality construction: lasting garments are crafted with intension, ensuring meaningful, long-term relationships between you and the piece you adorn yourself with.

Made to Last

Transcending seasonality: progressive releases of utilitarian and one-off expressive character pieces in small collection releases and as made-to-order. I don’t create excessive amounts of inventory and rarely go on sale.

The Process

Working Towards:

Conducting audits to help understand where producer co-operatives face challenges and to work with them in order to help them gain third-party certification (B-Corp and GOTS certifications). Continuing to build respectful relationships with members of the co-operatives I partner with, aspiring to meet and learn the name of each artisan and learn of the lives they lead, their passion for craftsmanship, the earth and their heritage stories. 

Making a difference in an industry ready for change: respecting the journey of our clothes as a valuable part of us and eventually returning them to the soil or being re-introduced into a circular economy. 

Building on circularity by offering a mending service + participating in building take-back and clothing recycling programmes in Tulum, Mexico.  

The Essence