male anatomy + cloth

Hand sculpted and procedural: no scan data, no image-sourced textures (excluding own repeat surface pattern designs). Rendered in Cycles.




Initial sculpt, retopology, UV unwrapping, hard surface & modeling: shoes, dreads & eyes, pant cloth modeling, simulation & sculpt details, surfacing: skin colour painting, micro displacement, shoes and pants: repeat pattern design & materials, grooming & groom materials, rigging, posing, lighting, compositing & rendering.


uv unwrapping

body + pants unwrapped | A POSE
full body | UDIMS


pant pattern, simulation, sculpted wrinkle detailing, surface repeat pattern design, texturing, posing correction blend shape

textured | A pose
pattern pieces modeled in preparation for simulation
hand-painted gouache illustration
posed wireframe
digitally constructed surface repeat pattern textile design | colourway


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Dancer is a personal 3D project I created (in Blender 2.93 – 3.2), with a focus on sculpting male anatomy, full body retopology and posing. 

Influenced by Flying Lotus’ Until The Quiet Comes and short film of the same title directed by Kahlil Joseph – I find their work poignant and beautiful and come back to their music and this film often (links above).

Stylised Character Workflow with Blender course:

HUMAN: Realistic Portrait Creation with Blender course:

Blender Guru Tutorials: (Highly recommended! – I referred to Andrew Price’s tutorial on Geometry Nodes while creating the shards in the soles. Thank you, my first 3D teacher)

HARD SURFACE STUDY | NIKE Alphafly Shoe Concept:  I created this shoe based on the NIKE Alphafly MOVE TO ZERO (Nike’s journey towards a zero carbon and zero waste future) Road racing shoe. DISCLAIMER: No commercial objective – these shoes will not be reproduced or sold.  Featuring my own illustrations and surface repeat pattern textile design on the main body of each shoe.

NIKE Alphafly MOVE TO ZERO Initiative:,, NIKE Alphafly Shoe:, NIKE ZOOMX Sole:


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