drawing studies

sketchbook | 35mm film

Excerpts from sketchbooks, life drawing classes + final exhibited pieces


Depictions of the human body, intimacy, mythology and connection to the land are spoken through the works: each crafted by hand, some from observation, some inspired by legend, others dreamed up – each a unique creative expression.  

life / dance drawing | gestural warm up / 30 seconds each | graphite
graphite life tonal drawing | 20 mins each
graphite life tonal drawing | 25 mins
graphite life line drawing | 20 mins

YO SOY LO QUE VEO | solo exhibition

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2014

graphite, gouache, gold leaf | YO SOY LO QUE VEO
graphite | tiempo
graphite | respira
graphite | las caras que he conocido

| “Drawing is a form of thinking and for this reason drawing is the most direct and revealing expression of the intellectual processes of an artist, their intensions, their emotional state.  Often, the preparatory drafts are more expressive than finished works due to their execution.  In the case of Rebecca Bewick, her drawings are her finished works that, on one hand, demonstrate a mastery of traditional techniques… Rebecca Bewick’s art has been enriched by her experience in tierras tapatías, as Guadalajara has been enriched by the presence of artists like her…”

– Jose Clemente Orozco F. 

ANIMAL | life drawing studies

graphite | sumatran tiger
graphite | cats
ink | antelope
blind contour, graphite | giraffe
ink | serpent
watercolour pencil, pen | peacock

MYTHOLOGY | sketches, collage + hand-stitched books

graphite | the bird woman in the oyster shell
graphite | ocean embrace
graphite | earth maiden
graphite sketches | nasturtium / moon / mermaid frida
ink | the kiss
ink, pen, gouache + collaged tissue paper and gold leaf
| the snake that escaped his ear and found the sea


| gouache and ink on handmade paper, hand-stitched pages, with linen cover adorned with pulled thread embroidery. Accompanied by Pounamu / greenstone and silk linen drawstring bag.

A tale of Taniwha has been passed down by generations. Ngāi Tahu children grew up learning how this legend shaped the natural environment, and why we cherish and protect our resources today. 

The Toki (adze) shaped Pounamu | Traditionally a carving tool and weapon and a Taonga (treasure) representing strength, determination and courage. This sacred Pounamu was hand-carved in the West Coast – Te Tai o Poutini – in the South Island by once-prisoners. When released and out of a trade, they are taught the art of carving greenstone, earning them a livelihood and as a means of rehabilitation. They belong to a co-operative supported in a long-term partnership with New Zealand social enterprise, Trade Aid. 

ink | hands
graphite | a homage to weavers who came before us.
women working on the warp-weighted loom, originally depicted on a greek vase, 560 B.C.

acrylic, pen, salt on paper | Egyptian Rock Star


graphite on paper

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