hand – crafted, pieced, embellished


Slow fashion capsule collection detail
Carefully sourced linen appliquéd with upcycled hand-woven cambodian silk fabric with gold metallic couching.


studio | in process

LUNA dress | silk linen, appliqué + metal couching

upcycled batik
upcycled hand-woven cambodian silk
upcycled screen printed cotton

GOLD | knit pattern design, knit construction + felting

NZ merino + metal, knitted + felted
cotton + metal | knitted (front)
nz merino + metal with cotton | knitted + felted
cotton + metal | knitted (back)

THE REEF | nz merino, knitted + felted, 100% cotton yarns, knitted + hand-dyed

BEADING | hand-stitched: waxed yarn + vintage, collected, gifted beads

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