no oyes ladrar los perros

based on the short story by Juan Rulfo

The story tells the tale of an old man carrying his wounded, criminal son on his back in search of help in Mexico, as he reflects on their past and present.


character design concept art


artistic style

  • Modeling soft shapes with hard edges, with a subtle ‘miniature’ aesthetic – simplicity, appeal.
  • Pairing with surfacing that gives the impression of large woven fabrics and papery elements that imply a small scale and a touch of aged craft by hand. 
  • An authentic historical depiction of character and costume.

early specifications

  • All modeled – no cloth or hair simulations 
  • Minimal texturing and shading – no noisy or glossy surfaces, matte


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Based on the short story of the same title, No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros, by Juan Rulfo. Featured in El Llano en llamas